Transitions Suboxone Program

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At Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we are proud to offer clients an opportunity to take part in our Transitions Program. This program lasts for up to 18 months and includes 12 months of prescription-based medication-assisted treatment that utilizes buprenorphine products as a means of treating opioid addiction. This program is offered for clients who are 18 years of age or older and who meet diagnostic criteria for opioid dependence. An additional component to this program is 6 months of continuing care that is offered at no cost to our clients.

While the average length of time that one spends in the Transitions Program is 18 months, the prescribing physicians at our clinics have the discretion to extend a client’s time in treatment should he or she require such extended services. A client’s time in treatment may also be less than 18 months if this shortened period is deemed clinically appropriate by his or her treatment providers.

The Transitions Program at Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers is an alternative to our current Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) Suboxone program in which clients must adhere to all current Indiana OTP regulations in regards to take-home privileges, frequency of participation in counseling, and so forth.

Prior to taking part in the Transitions Program, each client will receive a full assessment during his or her intake session. This intake period includes a history and physical, a biopsychosocial assessment, a urine drug screen (UDS), a tuberculosis (TB) screen, and a lab draw in order to determine hepatic functioning.

Once engaged in programming, clients will be required to attend individual and/or group counseling sessions and must also be willing to provide a UDS sample upon request. Poor attendance, lack of participation in counseling sessions, failure to show for medication checks with the physician, and unwillingness to provide a urine sample upon request could all lead to a client’s removal from the program.

The individual and group therapy services offered in the Transitions Program are individualized, yet typically occur on a weekly basis. This will gradually shift to occur on a monthly basis depending on the amount of time a client spends in treatment, as well as his or her adherence to treatment. Family therapy can be received at the request of the client.

The methods of payment that are accepted for participation in the Transitions Program include private insurance, cash, and credit card.

The knowledgeable, skilled, and caring staff at Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers will work diligently with each client who partakes in the Transitions Program to ensure that his or her time in treatment is truly successful in helping him or her gain the skills and the confidence needed to find and maintain lasting sobriety.