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In order to provide the most effective care possible, Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers supply a variety of additional services that are geared towards helping clients acquire the necessary skills for sustaining sobriety. Many of these services provide clients with opportunities to further understand addiction and process their feelings and emotions. We also offer services for the family members of our clients so as to provide them with education and support, as well as the skills needed to support their loved one as he or she continues to navigate the recovery process.

The invaluable services featured at our centers can include the following:

Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment (COSAT): An intensive outpatient programming option, COSAT is conducted in a closed group format and is designed for individuals who have struggled with illicit drug use while engaged in treatment. Led by qualified professionals, COSAT groups review the 12-Steps each week and cover such topics as addiction and recovery education, triggers, coping skills, relapse prevention, defense mechanisms, grief/loss, guilt/shame, emotions, honesty, thinking patterns, budgets, and relationships.

Pre-Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment (Pre-COSAT): For individuals who are not yet able to partake in COSAT because of the closed group format, we offer Pre-COSAT. This interim treatment option takes place prior to engaging COSAT groups. These groups are ongoing and cover such topics as addiction education, accountability and responsibility, coping skills, relapse prevention, routines, treatment needs, and recovery education, to name a few.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Consisting of multiple therapy sessions held each week with qualified addiction specialists, this program utilizes evidence-based practices that help clients manage their denial and develop skills needed for preventing relapse.

Road to Recovery Program: This group therapy-based program is a treatment option for clients who wish to engage in weekly meetings with an addiction specialist and/or mental health professional and other peers so that these individuals can work towards sustaining sobriety.   

Seeking Safety Program: The Seeking Safety Program is specially designed for individuals with a history of substance abuse and trauma. Held weekly, clients partake in group therapy so that traumas can be processed and a greater understanding can be acquired with regards to the relationship between substance abuse and traumatic experiences.   

Stages Program: Offering psychoeducation and skill building opportunities, this program uses evidence-based practices to help clients who are working to abstain from the use of opioids. Certified addiction professionals lead weekly groups.

Peer Support Services: Various activities, groups, and other forums that offer peer support are available at select Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers. These services are meant to offer additional and supplemental support in conjunction to other services that we provide.

Family Education: Utilizing a psychoeducational approach, the Matrix Model Family Education Series provides those closet to our clients with the information needed to be more informed about addiction and the nature of treatment offered at Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers.

Thinking for a Change (T4C): A service that fosters problem-solving abilities, T4C uses cognitive restructuring and various social skills interventions to help clients manage turmoil and stress. Thinking for a Change also assists clients in forming a plan of action for how to cope with future stressors without the use of substances.  

Recovery 101: Covering topics such as the 12-Steps, relapse prevention, medication stability, the science of addiction, life skills, and other relevant topics for those in the beginning of their recovery, Recovery 101 includes counselor-led groups that are designed to walk clients through the beginning stages of treatment.

The above programs and services are beneficial treatment options that go hand-in-hand with our medication assisted treatment. These care options are also able to help you or a loved one effectively combat an opioid addiction so that a happy, healthy, recovered, and sober life can be achieved and maintained for the long-term.

To know if your local Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center offers any of the aforementioned services, feel free to contact one of our helpful professionals today. Let us help you begin on the path towards an opioid-free life.